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Linguistic atlas of dolomitic ladinian and neighbouring dialects, 2nd part

The ALD-II continues the work that began in 1998 with the publication of the ALD-I (in 7 volumes and a 3 disc CD-ROM set). Whereas the ALD-I focuses on phonology as well as fundamental nominal and verbal morphology and syntax, the ALD-II addresses vocabulary, elaborated morphology and syntax. The basic theoretical framework (the philosophy of the project), the methods of data collection and area under investigation have remained unchanged.

Basic theoretical framework

The ALD project belongs to the classic tradition of linguistic geography in Romance Studies that began with Jules Gilliéron’s work on the ALF and continued with Karl Jaberg and Jakob Jud’s contribution to the AIS. The ALD collects and documents the dialectal (and basilectal) competencies of essentially multilingual informants who live at one of the 217 surveying points in the speech community under investigation or consider one of these surveying points to be “home”. It is assumed that these informants manage the area linguistically through a complex interplay of dialectal convergences and divergences. The data, which has been collected within the framework of the ALD project, makes it possible to examine adequately the basilectal management of the area and to get to know it better. Similar to the relationship between the French national atlas ALF and the various French regional atlases, the ALD also constitutes a small-scale follow-up investigation to the large-scale Italian national atlases AIS and ALI.

Data collection method

  • direct exploration in the field by trained dialectologists.
  • immediate transcription of responses and parallel audio documentation for the purposes of revision and archiving.
  • in contrast to the ALD-I, the list of questions will only be gone through once.

Area under investigation

Northeastern Italy and southeastern Switzerland: approximately 25,000 km² total area, covered by 217 surveying points; average distance between surveying points: approximately 10 km. Number of regions or provinces included: 8 (from west to east): Upper and Lower Engadin, western Lombardy, Trentino, ladinophone parts of South Tyrol, northern and central Veneto, western Friuli. See map below.

This website offers not only the first glimpse at the theoretical and practical aims as well as the groundwork of the ALD-II project, it also provides updates on the current status of the different parts of the project.