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Sound-Database (SDB2)

To download the SDB2, click on the link “Installer”. The SDB2 requires the current version of Java (6.0). A user guide for the SDB2 in pdf can also be found here.


download SDB2


Windows (.exe)

Mac OS (.dmg)

  java-logo.png Others (.zip)
download user guide for SDB2       PDF_Icon.png  PDF


The following instructions are for Internet Explorer, the default browser on Windows-based computers. Should you use a different browser, this three-step procedure will still follow a similar pattern:

1)    Left click once on Installer: this opens a window where you will have the option to “install”: left click once.

2)    A second window showing the progress of the download will appear.

3)    After the download has succeeded, a third, larger window will prompt you to conclude the installation process over a series of steps until you reach the final step labelled “Finish”.
Now, the SDB2 should appear on your desktop (most often on the left side of the screen). After you have located it, double click to start the programme. You should now see the SDB2 user interface.


4) Attention: for the work of the SDB2, it’s necessary to download the last updates. For that purpose press the button “Help” located at the toolbar on the top of the screen and execute subsequently all the instructions given under the mention « Check for Updates ».


5) Possibility of choice: a SDB2 for ALD-II and ALD-I:

There is the same computer tool (SDB2) for the recordings of ALD-I (1985-1992) and for those of ALD-II (2000-2007). The switching from one possibility to the other is simple: click on the button Tools (located left on the upper toolbar); click afterwards on Options. A little window will appear and give you, in the middle, the option between ALD 1 and ALD 2. After the selection press on OK und switch off the active SDB2. After the restart, the new SDB2 will offer you the wanted recordings.


To find out more about how to use the SDB2, download the SBD2 User’s Guide.




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