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The material acquired by the fieldworkers, dialect, image and audio data, requires relatively complex technolgy to process.

Several programs were developed for the ALD-II:

  • DMG ("Dialect MapGenerator") for managing dialect data
  • MapGenerator integrated into DMG generates the maps
  • SDB the "sound database", for administering the audio data and for listening to it. Currently the second revised Version is in use.
  • SuBIReS ("Supplementary Book and Index Retrieval System") the system that generates the printed indices, supplement books etc.

All programs named above are based on a client-server infrastructure. The data is stored on a server and provided to the client via a well-defined interface. DMG is based on EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) technology while SDB2 and SuBIReS are based on Web services.

Since fall of 2010, a "real" server has been available to the ALD-II project to manage all data. It's located at the Department of IT-Services at the University of Salzburg and is tied to the University's infrastructure there.