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The ALD Archive

The ALD Archive was established in 1985 as a working space for the preparation of the ALD. In chronological order, it consisted of three rooms located initially (1985-2011) in the Humanities Faculty building (Akademiestrasse 24) and subsequently (2011-2012), after the move of the Faculty, on the third floor of the new building (“Uni-Park”: Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 1, 5020 Salzburg), where work on the two parts of ALD was completed and in which the complete archival materials and documentation were stored. The three workrooms also housed the complete computer installation (PCs, printers, server, plotter), workstations for ALD-II staff in Salzburg (usually four people) and the shelving, cabinetry and wall units for storing all archival materials and books (“ALD Library”).


After the completion of the ALD (at the end of December 2012) und the dissolution of the ALD Archive, the scientific legacy of ALD has been redistributed in the following way:
a) the archival materials (see items 1-3 of the following list) have been deposited in the basement of the Uni-Park,
b) the books of the ALD Library (see item 4 of the following list) have been relocated in a suitable space (room 2.327) on the second floor of the Uni-Park.


The scientific estate of ALD:

  1. all questionnaires (originals and copies) from ALD-I and ALD-II
  2. all audio materials (originals and copies) collected in the field during work on ALD-I and ALD-II (ALD-I: C-90 cassettes; ALD-II: Sony MiniDiscs)
  3. colour slides (“ethnophotography”) from the ALD-I and ALD-II projects: approx. 12,000 slides give a visual impression of the people, the environment and the geographical location (“habitat”) of the 217 survey-points.
  4. The ALD research library offers as far as possible a complete overview of and insight into matters of linguistic, historical, geographic and ethnographic relevance within the ALD zone. It also covers the following fields: general linguistics (especially geolinguistics), quantitative linguistics, statistics, numerical classification, informatics and cartography. Scope of current collection (mid-2014): approx. 5,000 volumes (monographs, grammars, dictionaries, atlases) and single articles. In 2014 the majority of the fifteen current journal subscriptions were transferred to the University Library. The incorporation of the 5,000 titles of the ALD Library into the electronic catalogue of Salzburg University Library is projected for 2014.