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The questionnaire of the ALD-II

Began in 1999 and completed in 2001, the questionnaire took two years to prepare and included the experience amassed during four sample surveys (realized in starkly variant dialect zones throughout the entire ALD grid). Both Paul Videsott and Hans Goebl were responsible for the definitive design of the questionnaire. In contrast to the ALD-I, the list of questions for the ALD-II is not structured alphabetically according to the Italian form of the individual questions, but rather thematically: see links below. The list comprises a total of 1,063 question items – some of which are quite complex – along with simple WH-questions, more complex questions about verb forms and syntactically highly complex questions. It also includes a graphic section with pictures and drawings that are shown to the informants.

The questionnaire also contains precise information about the phonetic conventions of the ALD and a number of convenient tables and lists. The questions appear exclusively in Italian, but are complemented by supplementary information available only to the fieldworkers and designed to aid them in the fieldwork. Hans Goebl was in charge of printing and binding the copies of the questionnaire used in the field.

Par la suite, the complete list of questions is available for download below. The user can browse the index and print single pages or the entire list of questions.